SOLID GROUND - Center for a Balanced Life

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Learn the practice of mindfulness, moment-to-moment awareness.

Regain a feeling of control over your health and well-being. Learn techniques that allow you to feel more in control; a feeling of being in control has proven physical and mental health benefits. Your ability to influence circumstances depends on how you view them.

Recognize and cultivate your own inner resources. Each of us possesses an inner store of invaluable resources that are available to us to help us handle difficult situations. You can discover, develop and mobilize these resources. Facing a problem skillfully, you can often use the pressure of the problem to move yourself through it.

Learn to trust your own experience. Throughout your life, your experiences teach you valuable lessons. You can begin to trust in your own experience as a teacher.

Work within your own capabilities.

Experience a supportive group environment in which you are encouraged to participate at whatever level is comfortable for you.

Ultimately, you will decide which of all the techniques are most beneficial.

Photograph by Lenore Flynn