SOLID GROUND - Center for a Balanced Life

The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water and not get wet.-

-R.N. Remen

The Cost of Caregiving

At Solid Ground we can help you build resiliency skills that will support you in reducing the impact of burnout and secondary traumatization from your work resulting in compassion fatigue . If you are currently thinking of leaving your profession due to compassion fatigue call for an initial phone consultation. Individual and group sessions are available. (A program can be designed for organizations interested in offering this to their staff.)

How would you answer these questions?

  • I feel emotionally drained from my work.
  • I feel fatigued when I get up in the morning and have to face another day on the job.
  • I feel I treat some clients/patients as if they were impersonal objects.
  • I've become more callous towards people since I took this job.
  • I feel I'm positively influencing other people's lives through my work.
  • I feel exhilarated after working closely with my clients/patients.

If your answers  give you an indication  you are experiencing compassion fatigue please call, we can help.